Monday, 24 December 2018

Types of Boxes used for Packing and Moving

There are many packing and boxing options available today, which often make it difficult for the mover to choose the best ones. Listed below are many packing options you can consider to make your move easier and more convenient!

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1. Paperboard boxes

These paper-based boxes are extremely lightweight. They can easily manipulate, and cut them for creating custom structures. They make these containers by transforming fibrous materials made out of recycled waste paper or wood. Paperboard packing has numerous grades suitable for a variety of requirements.

Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS) paperboard is highly suitable for keeping medicines, cosmetics, frozen food and the like. Kraft process helps make kraft paperboard, which is for people who prefer the environmentally friendly and natural look of recycled paper.

2. Corrugated boxes

These are from corrugated paper or cardboard. They come in numerous types depending on the strength and durability of the containers. Recognizing a particular corrugated material is easy. It comprises three paper layers, the outside liner, fluting and then an inside liner. Fluting gives it rigidity and strength.

The board can be folded and cut into various shapes and sizes to become corrugated packing. This is the most common type of boxes used when moving.

3. Plastic boxes

Many goods are best packed in plastic boxes. Several traditional materials, including leather, wood and glass can substitute for plastic.

Plastic boxes are a lot more durable when compared to paperboard boxes. Plastic boxes with airtight lids can preserve edibles that are already opened; they eliminate contamination problems. Moreover, plastic is hardy and can survive extreme conditions. Another reason why plastic is such a popular choice is that it can be transparent: you can easily see what is inside without the need for opening the box.

4. Rigid boxes

A rigid box is created from condensed paperboard, which is four times thicker than the ordinary paperboard. As it is rigid, it is used for packing expensive electronic items, board games, many beauty products and so on.

5. Poly bags

This is a durable, flexible, lightweight packing option. It is also cost-effective and can carry a variety of products such as food items, books, and so on. Poly bags can also be used with a water-resistant covering for sensitive items.

6. Heat seal foil bags

These bags are mostly used for packing tea and coffee as they keep the items dense; they protect the contents from bacteria and help increase shelf life. Apart from packing food items, these bags can pack clothing, bedding, cereals, nuts, and much more.  

It is clear that packing materials play an extremely important role in any successful move. It is important to choose the right kind of boxes for different items to ensure that they reach the destination damage free.

It is best for you to hire experts to decide on the right packaging material for a safe move. Most moving companies supply the right goods to make sure you have a hassle-free and pleasant moving experience.

Friday, 23 November 2018

Bubble Wrap or Packing Peanuts, which is best?

Packing peanuts and bubble wraps are two of the most popular packing products used for securing the contents of articles being shipped or stored in containers. However, a never-ending dispute on which of the two items is better for offering packing protection may leave people in a state of confusion. Here are listed for your benefit the main points of the dispute.

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Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap, a pliable and transparent plastic material, has regular spaced bubbles that are concentrated with air. Bubbles offer a lot of cushioning and are available in numerous sizes to cater to items of different dimensions. The wraps are sold in rolls or sheets; generous amounts of the material are needed to give adequate protection to objects to be shipped.

Some versions of bubble wraps have anti-static characteristics for dissipating static charges that may cause issues especially for delicate electrical components and products. In addition, bubble wrap comes in biodegradable versions.


  1. Bubble wraps are a lot more effective in keeping things clean, as they just need to be unwrapped.
  2. They are recyclable and reusable.
  3. They are lightweight and easy to find.
Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts, on the other hand, are made mainly out of styrofoam. They are a loose fill material very similar in shape and size to peanuts. There are numerous varieties of packing peanuts; some are even biodegradable and are created out of cornstarch with the ability to dissolve in water. Other forms have exclusive characteristics based upon their color. Pink is known to be anti-static, green is recycled polystyrene, and white is virgin resin.


  1. One big advantage of packing peanuts is that one can push objects down between the peanuts so that the object stays protected.
  2. They are normally low-priced in comparison to bubble wrap.
  3. They offer biodegradable options.
  4. They are reusable.
Unique characteristics

Normally, packing peanuts help in filling gaps in containers and boxes. Their spongy nature permits them to mold into any shape required for filling up spaces. Since they offer loose fill packing, the objects are able to move slightly within the container. This is the best option for large hardy objects.

Bubble wraps work best for fragile items. In case the item is delicate in nature, bubble wrap can be folded around the object for better protection. At times, multiple wraps may be required around an object, depending on its brittleness.

On several occasions, both packing peanuts and bubble wrap work very well together. This is particularly the case for fragile, smaller items. Utilize the bubble to wrap the delicate things and place them in a container. Fill in the space within the container with packing peanuts. The combination of both the materials offers double protection.

While bubble wraps help in protecting the exterior of items, packing peanuts assist in restricting movement, offering cushioning at the same time. It is best to seek advice from a reliable moving company on the choice of packing peanuts, bubble wrap or a mix of both, item by item.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Advantages of an All-in-one Storage and Moving Company

Moving can lead to a very heavy emotional, mental, and physical toll. All kinds of worries about packing, loading, unloading or moving your belongings to the new house can drain you of all energy; it may be difficult even to think of spending time in searching for a reliable mover.

Unfortunately, several bad companies out there promise best services, which actually turn out to be rather poor. Therefore, a correct decision on the right moving company can be a significant step in the process of moving: it may have the greatest impact on your shifting experience.

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If you contract with a provider that can assist you with specific steps, you can free your mind of the moving burden. Hiring an all-in-one provider can make the entire process even easier. Therefore, you need to search for a provider that can assist you all the way.

Storage and moving companies do provide a greater array of services in comparison to many of their competitors. They offer pack and unpack services along with storage services in one package. For getting the best value for your money, spending a little more and hiring an all-in-one company can make the moving process less expensive ultimately.

Moving involves different difficult aspects, although most people are unaware of the complexities. Preparation, execution, and completion of the entire move can all be a lot easier if you work with a reputed professional. Two major aspects of moving are described below in some detail for your benefit.

Packing and unpacking services

Packing and unpacking may appear to be rather simple that can be undertaken by any mover. However, moving companies with high professional standards, execute the entire process with their own signature. They make you feel assured that your belongings are safe with them.

A reputed provider utilizes the right packing materials to not only ensure that your things are safe during transit, but also deliver them at the destination without any breakage.

Long-term and temporary storage services

It is unfortunate that many moving companies do not provide anything apart from the usual packing and unpacking services. This is the reason why it is important to hire a moving and storage provider. Such companies are able to stock your belongings if you have temperature-sensitive materials, less storage space in your new house or if you need to keep your things somewhere else for certain duration of time.

Fundamentally, one of the most noteworthy aspects of all-in-one moving firms is that they can guide you through the whole relocating process. Since they have the professional expertise and several years of industry experience dealing in all kinds of shifting problems, they are the best sources of guidance.

They can help you choose the right resources and procedures to make your move much easier. Scheduling, coordinating, and planning are all a cakewalk, making your move smoother, if you consult with one of the reputed storage and moving companies servicing your area.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Advantages of Hiring Junk Removal Services

The core mission of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to protect human health and environment. It is the duty of every US citizen to respect and respond to this mission. One vital but often neglected area is conscious control of waste generation. A more important area that needs constant attention is waste disposal.

Clearing junk everyday is a problem that afflicts all residential and commercial buildings. Here are listed a few advantages of hiring a junk removal service for clearing any property of quickly accumulating junk.

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Clearing junk of a commercial or residential property can be time consuming. At times, it may take hours depending on how much junk has accumulated. This task can be very exhausting too, because you have to separate, and then dispose everything of properly. Moreover, local laws on junk clearance have to be borne in mind.

In addition, you need to fulfill specific requirements for dumping specific types of trash. Hiring an experienced professional can help avoid all such hassles. It would certainly be convenient to leave all the hard work to them, as they know the ins and outs of junk removal.

Time saving

Hiring junk removal services can help save not only time but also effort. This is because these professionals have the expertise to handle the minutest of details. They are trained to perform every task in a swift and efficient manner.

They have the right skill sets, the right tools and state-of-the-art equipments, necessary for completing the work to your satisfaction. Hiring a junk removal contractor can save money too in terms of tax. In fact, many businesses save money by seeking renovation deductions.


Numerous wastes such as thinner and old paint are harmful to human health. Accidental breathing in of solvent-based paint fumes, during junk removal, can lead to health issues such as headaches, nausea and dizziness. If you clear away all the junk on your own, you may suffer burns, cuts, and the like. Hiring a professional junk remover can help you avoid such needless risks. These professionals make use of the right safety gear when they are on duty.

Complete clearance

There are certain items that cannot be dumped in any landfill. Local Authorities have laid down specific regulations regarding the disposal of specified discarded materials. Disregarding those regulations can cause grave consequences. You can free your mind, however, from all these cares, when you entrust the business of junk removal to a professional company in the field.

It is necessary therefore to seek the services of a reputed junk removal company, which assures you of many advantages to property or person. Furthermore, they are well versed in local junk disposal regulations.

Maybe you have gathered too much junk over a long time and have thoughts of their quick removal. You can save your energy and time by leaving to the professionals the responsibility of the method, mode and duration of the clearance job. It is necessary of course for you to hire the right professional company with the right expertise and experience.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Six Signs of Quality Junk Removal Service

A reliable and reputable junk removal provider is one who offers quality full-service removal: such a company can handle all items from refrigerators to furniture to removing an entire estate or property. It can be as small as a one-man army can, or as big as a full fleet of vehicles and a large number of workers.

Here are a few tips that can assist you in your decision on hiring a junk removing service to get rid of all your unwanted stuff.

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1. Fast removal

A reliable quality indicator of a good service in the junk removal industry is the time taken to remove the entire junk from the time they meet the customer to the actual time of completion of the job. Junk removal is a service business. Therefore, usually by the time the client picks up the call, the debris should be ready to go. Most reputed providers can coordinate the removal within twenty four to forty eight hours.

2. Complete clearance

Good providers never refuse to take away any kind of junk. They respond fully to client requirements and work to get rid of the entire junk properly irrespective of the shape, form or size they may come in.

The restricted items should include only hazardous materials such as oil, bleach, and fertilizer.

3. Proper tools and equipment

The provider must have the required equipment, tools, and vehicles to perform the job properly. Effective removal and disposal depends upon the right resources and ensures proper execution of the task.

Can these providers perform a job of any size, from getting rid of a piece of furniture to the removal of a whole house or of those in several locations? They must have the contacts to drop a dumpster for bigger jobs or be agile enough to drive through small, busy city streets.

4. Certified skills

A reputed removal company has experienced and trained crewmembers to handle all of the needs of the customer, without any compromise on the quality of work. Crew training begins with commitment to customer satisfaction through careful removal of items without making a mess of the job.

5. Competitive price

The format of pricing must be simple to understand. It should be based upon the volume of space filled in the vehicle. Pricing based on weight of the debris can be open-ended and confusing for the client.

6. Right disposal

The provider must have the right system for junk disposal. They should ensure an environment-friendly, responsible removal of both non-hazardous and hazardous junk.

They must have arrangements with recycling facilities for the reuse of the junk removed. Not more than half of the junk removed can go to the landfill. The organization should tell you frankly, what would happen to the disposed stuff.

A reputed junk remover will be highly professional in the cleanup job, leaving the cleared areas and spaces hygienic and ready for reuse.

However, you should do your piece of research to employ a good provider to get the best service.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Things You Should Know About Junk Hauling Services

Trashed rentals, attics, and appliances are some of the things that pass through your mind when you think of junk removal. However, hauling and junk removal are varied and unpredictable. Here are the basics you should know about a junk hauling service.

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No junk-hauling job is too small or big

Junk haulers never shy away from jobs that may seem small such as picking empty boxes. They can undertake a big job such as cleaning a house after a big move or after a storm. Reputed junk haulers like challenges and can haul away barns, sheds, and much more.

Junk haulers work behind the scenes

The aim of all reputed junk haulers is to make the customer’s home and business look good, which means they finish the job on time. They make sure there are no traces of dirt left inside a rental.

Junk hauling is an old business indeed; new companies are making it more professional by taking a more customer-centric approach and doing it right. Many removal companies these days have an amazing capacity to understand clearly their responsibility towards their customers and the environment. They are detail oriented and maintain excellent work ethics.

Junk removal requires space

For keeping the belongings away from landfills, junk hauling companies require dedicated warehouses for sorting and carefully disposing of or recycling everything.

Reputed Services go through everything methodically to sort good things from the bad. Some even claim to have found priceless heirlooms, royal mementos, war memorabilia, rare records, collectible toys and a lot more. If a proper place is unavailable for sorting, treasures such as those items above would most certainly be disposed of as trash.

Most hauling service providers donate things that are not junk

Junk hauling providers assist the society by giving back. Several relief groups and area shelters are able to provide for people in need through donations of furniture, books, clothing, and toys. You can always ask a hauler whether they are connected to any charity.

Junk haulers can solve some of your biggest problems

You can say junk haulers are ‘The Fixers’ too. While they can pick up the underused hot tub from your bathroom, they can also clean away the debris or dirt from the last DIY job in your house. They can ensure thus you’re ready for organizing outdoor parties.

Do you have a heavy piano on the first floor, which you wish to move down stairs? The haulers have the tools, muscle and skill to get the job done. Junk hauling is essentially about problem solving and logistics — not just taking out trash.

Junk hauling crew are experienced

Good providers employ crew members with diverse backgrounds and long experience in trucking, mechanics, general handyman experience, and heavy equipment operation. These men can clear even the foundation left behind, once the house is moved. They bring with them the necessary tools, skid steers, jackhammers, forklifts, and the like.

As and when the need arises, you would do well to employ a reputed moving service, which can provide junk hauling service too. 

Friday, 22 June 2018

Renting a Storage Unit for Spring Cleaning

When you plan to take up spring cleaning, maybe you need that extra space to keep your belongings secure. You may consider new shelving units or implementing easy organization systems. That may not solve the issue of required extra space. In such a situation, another perfect solution is available to you – secure storage units, which will serve the purpose very well.

Before you consider the kind of storage that will be right for you, you must first have an idea of what kinds of things are best for storage. You can easily store almost anything that you wish to keep safe including expensive artwork, exercise equipment, valuable furniture, and the like.

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Which storage facility will be right for you?

You must consider first logistics, if you are planning to store furniture or other such belongings inside a storage facility. You need to search for a trusted and reliable moving company for transporting your belongings to the facility for making the whole process seamless. This is particularly true if you are working with a company that provides its own storage facility.

When requiring the services of a storage and moving company, you must look for a facility that can assure you of keeping your belongings secure in the right condition. The provider should earn your trust that all your belongings will be kept in a protected environment. The staff there must take every necessary step required to wrap your goods neatly with professional touch.

The benefits of using storage units

1. When your belongings are put inside storage units, everything is properly blanket wrapped and stays blanket wrapped until you are ready to move them out from storage.

2. Some companies even offer complete value coverage, which can be bought to insure the goods adequately.

3. Movement in and out of the facility is monitored and managed by a competent team. This wins the company reputation in customer satisfaction with quality storage service without any infestation of or damage to the things stored.

4. Rents remain stable, so you need not have any worry about increased storage expenses after some months.
Sprig cleaning: expert tips

1. You can buy moving boxes at a reasonable price from the Home Depot; they are simply great for typical moves, but may not work for a storage move. You need to make use of sturdy boxes that would withstand the strain of moving heavy things without getting crushed or misshapen.

2. Fill all the boxes properly to capacity. Remember, several boxes are piled on top of each other during the storage period. Boxes that are not filled properly are very likely to get crushed over time.

3. Empty carefully the drawers. You can thus prevent the tangling and breaking of stored belongings. It is never easy to get rid of all the drawer contents, as you may not have identified which ones are really wanted or unwanted. The cost of storage with a company may help you arrive at a decision. 

Make your spring cleaning more effective by hiring a storage unit of a reputed company that will guide you in every possible way.